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Settings - Alerts

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Last updated: 01 Jun, 2016
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This tab is where alerts and the contact information for the individuals to be alerted is managed.

Settings Details

Alerts Enabled

When the application is first installed, this is set to ‘No’ (this prevents any alerts from being sent out until the system administrator is satisfied with the monitoring set up).

Email Server

Enter the name of your email server in this field.

Note: Your IT Administrator may need to enable email relaying for this server to send emails and text messages.

Optionally click the [Encrypt] button to encrypt the information

Warning: Clicking the [Encrypt] button multiple times will encrypt the information more than once and information cannot be passed on to authenticate to the proxy server. If you click the [Encrypt] button twice, clear the Email Server field, re-enter the information and click on the [Encrypt] button once.

Email Sender

This field specifies the name that will show as the sender of the alert.

When satisfied, click the  [Save Changes] button.

Creating a New Contact

Click [New Contact] to create a new contact to be alerted.

You can choose to send either Email or SMS type alerts.

If you choose Email, the combo box will be populated with email addresses associated with the ArcGIS Online organization. Select the desired email address and click the [Create] button.


The contacts created here will then appear when a container is opened for editing, where they can be chosen as the recipients for any alerts that occur from monitored points in the container. They also become available in the 'Settings - Status Report' panel, where they can be chosen as recipients for the status report.

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