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Settings - Status Report

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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This is where the settings for the optional daily Status Report can be made. The Status Report summarizes the number of down, slow and inactive monitoring points at the time the report is issued.  It also serves as a good check to make sure the GeoSystems Monitor is running properly. If the Status Report isn’t received, it may indicate a problem.


Settings Details

Run Status Report

Choose ‘Yes’ to receive a daily summary.  It will be sent to the contact you've specified in the Recipients area.

Time to Run Report

Specify the time to run the report.  Selection of times start at midnight and run through the day at half hour intervals. If a time is desired that isn’t shown, it can be typed in directly.

Day of the Week

Select a day to send the report, or choose "All" to send it daily (recommended).

[Run Report Now] Button

If you wish to test your settings immediately, click the [Run Report Now] button.

The Email Server must have been previously established in 'Setting - Alerts' for it to succeed.

Recipients (Contacts from Alerts tab)

Check the check box next to the recipient(s) you wish to receive the report. The report will then be generated and sent at the specified day(s) and time you've selected.

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