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Establishing an ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login

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Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017
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GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online uses Python scripts that are run recurrently to do the actual monitoring.  These monitoring scripts need an ArcGIS Online username and password to access the content within an ArcGIS Online organization.  The 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' is the login used by these scripts.  To be monitored, content must be within the same ArcGIS Online organization and accessible to the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login'.

Important points about the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login':

  1. The 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' must be a named user in the ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. The 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' must have access to all of the content in the ArGIS Online organization you want to monitor.
  3. The access of the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' determines which ArcGIS Online organization the application can monitor. 
  4. Ideally, the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' is an Administrator in the organization being monitored.  The 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' can be a Publisher, but only content within the ArcGIS Online organization that is shared with this Publisher can be monitored by the application.

Steps to create the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login':

  1. Click the [Settings] button on the left menu bar and open the [Logins] tab, as shown above
  2. Click the [New Connection] button and enter the username and password of the ArcGIS Online user you have chosen to be the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login'.
  3. Once the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' has been established, it is normally left unchanged since that users credentials determine the access to any monitored points from then on.  If a change must be made, the new 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' should have the same access in the ArcGIS Online organization as the original 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' if the goal is to continue to monitor the same content. 

When the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' is created or changed, the connection is automatically tested, and a success or error message will appear.  If you would like to do this manually, click the small [Test] button, and the 'Connection is Valid' message should appear. 

As a reminder, the role and ArcGIS Online organization of the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' are shown at the bottom of the panel.

In the event an ArcGIS Online user with Administrator rights cannot be used, a Publisher can also become the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login'.  In this case, it is necessary to change the access rules of the application (default is set to ArcGIS Online users that are Administrators).   To change the access rules, go to the "Settings - Roles" tab, and set all three selection boxes to 'Publishers' after completing the tasks on the "Settings - Logins" tab.

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