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Changing the System Administrator Password

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Last updated: 02 Jun, 2017
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The purpose of the System Administrator account is to provide application access in the event ArcGIS Online is unavailable or if there's some issue with the ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login. This account can be used to turn off alerting if for some reason access to ArcGIS Online is not available.

Under normal circumstances, the application should be logged into by the ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login.

The default password of the System Administrator account is 'geo.' We suggest you change the default password.  It can be changed in the selection box at the top of the "Settings - Logins" tab.  The System Administrator login is always available and has full permissions with system settings.   However, the [Add Container] icon in the left menu will not be available because the System Administrator user is not an ArcGIS Online named user, and does not have access to web maps or applications. 

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