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Settings - History

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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The GeoSystems Monitor can run with or without history enabled, but historical information and charts can only be generated from the system if the history is enabled.  By default, the history is not enabled (this is done so that historical information is not stored while you are setting up the monitoring system).  Enabling history allows performance information to be stored into a separate SQLite database.

Note: The charting module depends on the history database; no charts will be available until history has been enabled.


Settings Details

History Enabled

Select Yes from the selection box to begin writing information to the history database. Selecting No discontinues writing information to the database.

Upon initial installation History Enabled is set to No by default. It is recommended that this setting be changed to Yes once you are satisfied with the monitoring configuration, but ideally not before.  That way the stored data will only reflect the working configuration, and not any previous testing data. 

A further optional capability is provided in the Log Maintenance and History Database Maintenance sections. Both the log files and the history database will continue to grow over time, which for larger installations may become cumbersome and begin to affect the performance of charting.

Log File Maintenance

If you wish to limit the size of the log files, select ‘Yes’ in the Enabled drop down box of the Log File Maintenance section, and specify the size in megabytes for the maximum size of the log files. All log files greater than this value will be archived, and then cleared. Any associated debug related .gif files will also be deleted.

History Database Maintenance

If you would like to limit the growth of the history database, select 'Yes' in the Enabled drop down box of the History Database Maintenance section, and enter the maximum number of days to keep records. Any records older than this specified number of days will be archived, and then cleared.

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