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What is GeoSystems Monitor For ArcGIS Online?

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Last updated: 31 May, 2017
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GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online is a light weight, easy-to-use, installed application that allows ArcGIS Online Administrators and/or Publishers to monitor the web maps and applications the users in their organization depend on.  As an organization's use of ArcGIS Online increases, the need to monitor the reliability and performance of its content increases proportionally.  Some of this content may be external -- not everything that's consumed in ArcGIS Online is hosted there, and problems can occur, even in the most stable computing environments.  As an Administrator and/or Publisher, you need to know when and if a problem occurs.

GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online is designed specifically to monitor resources that reside in an ArcGIS Online organization. Some of the key functionalities of the GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online are:

  • Real-Time Systems Monitoring
  • Monitor ArcGIS Online Services
    • Web Applications
    • Web Maps  - Includes Organization Content and External Data Sources
      • Feature Services
      • Map Services
      • Image Services
      • Tile Services
      • Secure Services (requires that the secure service is 'Registered' in your ArcGIS Online organization)
      • Streaming Services
      • GeoRSS Web Feed
      • KML
      • WMS
      • Feature Collections
  • Instant Text and/or Email Alerts
  • Historical Performance Charting
  • Customized User Interface
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Rapidly Pinpoint Issues

All monitoring is done without the need to install any software on the monitored resource; it is fully agent-less and is done remotely.   The remote monitoring does more than check to make sure the service endpoint is available --- every variety of service is exercised in a way that makes sense for that service.  For example, in the map service check an image is returned and analyzed to ensure that that it isn't merely a blank (or white) image. 

The application is designed to provide the status of your ArcGIS Online system at a glance with the use of visual containers of the monitored points arranged on dashboard tabs.  The creation of the containers of monitored points is fully automated once the ArcGIS Online resources have been specified, and can monitor either a web map and its associated layers, or applications that have been added as items in ArcGIS Online.  If one of the services being monitored fails or begins to perform poorly, an email or text message is sent to the designated individuals.  Once alerted, information on the number of users and groups being affected by the outage is quickly available.

In addition to the monitoring and alerting capability, a performance history for each service being monitored can be maintained.  From this history, a chart of the data can be generated with a single click.  This can help identify recurring problems and assist in debugging complex systems issues.

The GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online is focused on providing a light weight app for monitoring ArcGIS Online maps and apps.  If your organization has enterprise GIS monitoring needs that go beyond ArcGIS Online, we also have a full Enterprise GIS monitoring platform, for more information, go to GeoSystems Monitor Enterprise.

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