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Adding Web Map Monitoring Containers

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Last updated: 02 Jun, 2017
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Once you've chosen to add a web map container, a panel will be presented.

Select a group or search Public / Organization and click the [Next] button.

You will then see another panel which reveals all the web maps in the selected loacation, similar to the one shown to the right.

Click on the [Select] button next to the web map you'd like to create a container for.

This will bring up the next panel where all of the layers for the web map selected will be shown.

Although this step usually completes quickly, it's best to wait for a few seconds to make sure the process is completed. 

Once completed, click the [Create Container] button to create your monitoring container. 

At this point a new container will appear on the dashboard, with a spinning icon indicating it's in the process of setting up the individual monitoring points.

When it's completed setting up the individual monitoring points, the spinning icon turns into a check mark, and the monitoring container can be opened (by clicking on [Status Points]) to reveal the points inside (see image below).

This completes the process of creating a container of monitoring points for a web map, which can now be moved (drag & drop) to a preferred location or moved to another tab.  

On occasion, you may find that some points are not monitoring properly and may appear red rather than green (as is shown above).  The point may really have an issue (such as being down), or there may be trouble with monitoring that point for a variety of reasons.  Please refer to the 'Automated Monitoring Point Creation - Overview' section for possible ways to identify the issue.

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