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Settings - Roles

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Last updated: 31 May, 2017
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To access the GeoSystems Monitor for AGOL application a user must belong to a group that contains the application.  Once they have opened the app, a user’s role in the GeoSystems Monitor for AGOL is tied to their role within their organization in ArcGIS Online.

In the Roles tab, three drop-down selection boxes are provided. Initially the restrictions are set at maximum for administrators only, so publishers and users will only be able to see the status of the containers on the dashboard.

The level selected in the drop down boxes indicates the minimum role level, so that a setting of Publishers always implies that an Administrator will also have the permissions. As an example, setting the level of View Container Content to ‘Users’ means that users, publishers and administrators will all be able to open a container to inspect the status of the individual monitored points.

Common Settings:

  • ‘Edit Settings’ set to Administrators (allows only Administrators to edit settings)
  • ‘Add/Edit/Delete Monitor Containers’ set to Publishers (allows only Administrators and Publishers to add/edit/delete monitor containers)
  • 'View Container Content’ set to Users (allows Administrators, Publishers, and Users to view container content)

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