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Tiled Map Services

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Last updated: 31 May, 2017
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To effectively check a tile map service the GeoSystems Monitor must locate a tile image (.png) that returns something other than a blank (or white) image.  The automated routines that initially establish tile map service monitoring points perform a number of things to try to establish a valid tile location.  In most cases it does so successfully.

There are, however, situations where it is unable to do so.  In these situations the tile map service in the GeoSystems Monitor will appear to be down (red) and the error column for the point will be set to “404_Not_Found”.   When this occurs the icon for the Tile Map Service Tile Picker tool will turn green (h0vOIVl4FSAAAAAASUVORK5CYII=).

  1. Click on the icon to bring up the Tile Map Service Picker panel (the procedure is similar to that of the non-tiled Map Service Extent Picker, but involves an extra step of clicking on the map to set coordinates).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to isolate the layer in question and ensure that a tile with an image is being used for the monitoring check. This may take several attempts as the method of selecting a tile is affected by a variety of factors, including the original tiling strategy for the service and rounding errors that can occur during geographic coordinate conversions. This means that on occasion the tiles will be offset from the expected point. Try to click somewhere in the middle of the layer’s extent and try various nearby zooms and pans if that occurs.
  3. Click on the [View Monitored Tile] button to show the tile that the monitoring check will use. Note that some attempts may not even resolve as there may not be a URL associated with the generated tile numbers. Don’t forget to click on the [Reset] button between attempts.
  4. Once you have a tile with some kind of non-blank image on it, the monitoring check should succeed.
  5. Click the [Run Next Cycle] button for the point to test.


Click on the [Status Points] button for the container that shows points are down.

Scroll through the list to find the service/point that is down.  Click on it to display the settings for the service/point.  If the point is a tiled service, the tile picker icon will be green (see below).

Clicking on the tile picker icon will bring up the Tile Picker panel below.  Follow the instructions on the page (make sure to [Set Scale] and [View Monitored Tile]).

When you've clicked [View Monitored Tile] an image that shows color (like the one below) should be shown.  If no color, go back, [Reset] and try again. Once you have color, close out the Tile Picker pane to go back to the status points.

Click on the service/point that is down and then click on [Run Next Cycle] to run the check on the new tile to be monitored.

A pop-up will appear to make sure you want to run next cycle, click [Ok].

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