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Monitoring Container Controls

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Last updated: 30 Dec, 2019
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This section describes the components of a monitoring container controls presented on the GeoSystems Monitor dashboard.

  1. Container Name
  2. Container Details/Settings
  3. Container Status
  4. Status Points for Container
  5. Badges
  6. Container On/Off

(details for each are listed below)

Container Name

The name of the container.  In the case of a web map container it will be the name of the web map. In the case of an app container it will be the name of the group the apps are in.

Container Details/Settings

Clicking on the container icon (depending on the container type) will allow you to view/edit the details of the container, generate the map, view charts, etc.

Container Status

This will give you a quick glance at the status of the container.  Green indicates that all points are up.  Red indicates that one (1) or more points are down. Grey indicates that the container is turned off.

Status Points for Container

By clicking on the [Status Points] icon, you will see the details for all status points of the container


Indicates in a quick format if any points are down/slow/inactive/warning.

Container On/Off

The monitoring for each container can be switched on on/off. Clicking the icon will toggle the container on or off.

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