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Settings - Connections

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Last updated: 15 Aug, 2018
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This is where the logins that are associated with the GeoSystems Monitor are managed. 

At the top of the panel, you will see the Administrator Password and Charts/Reports Password (geo is the default).

Below that is a list of all connections.

Creating a New Connection

Click [New Connection] to create a new connection.

You can choose to create an AGOL, AGS, or PORTAL connection.

Fill in the required fields and click [Create] when finished.

Make note of the required URL format when creating an AGS/PORTAL connection.

When attempting to create the connection the GeoSystems Monitor will generate a token and test to make sure it is valid.  If you receive an ERROR GENERATING TOKEN message, and you are 100% sure the username/password is correct, the likely cause is the browser doesn't trust the certificate of the server.

Open the server URL in another browser tab, and make sure you aren't seeing a "Your connection is not private" message.

If you see that message, in the bottom left click the Avanced button, then click Proceed to....(unsafe)

Now go back to the GeoSystems Monitor and try to generate the token again.

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