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Logging In

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Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017
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There are two methods that are available for logging into the GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online:

  1. System Administrator
  2. ArcGIS Online Login

Normally, you will log in with the "ArcGIS Online Login".  For this login to work, the GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS Online application must be registered as an application item in a group that the ArcGIS Online user belongs to.

The additional "System Administrator" account is provided so that access to the application is available even in the event that ArcGIS Online cannot be reached.  

In addition, it is preferable that the user be an Administrator in the ArcGIS Online organization.

Logging In for the first time

To bring up the application for the first time, open a browser and enter the following into the address bar:

http://<MyInstalledServerName>:3000/,  where <MyInstalledServerName> should be replaced with the actual name of the server/computer where the GeoSystems Monitor application has been installed.

In the example to the right (using Windows 7), you would go to the desktop, find "Computer" icon, right click, select "Properties," which would bring up a panel similar to the one on the right. 

In this instance, you would enter: http://ves_hq_smm:3000/ (server/computer name is not cap sensitive)

After you have done so, a dialog box (see image to the right) should appear that asks you to sign in.

Click the green [SIGN IN] button and you will prompted with the standard ArcGIS Online login dialog.  After you have signed in, a check will be made to ensure that the GeoSystems Monitor application has been registered and is in a group that includes your ArcGIS Online user. 

If none is found, you will not be logged in and the first login dialog box will appear again. 

At this point, you could log in as the System Administrator with the default password 'geo', but it is generally preferable to ensure that you have access to an ArcGIS Online user that meets the requirements mentioned above.  Until then, you will not be able to add any monitoring containers.

Once you have logged in, proceed to the next section: Establishing an ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login

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