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GSM Performance Charts

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Last updated: 14 Aug, 2018
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The initial view of the charts and reports module includes six tabbed focus areas. The first of these is the GSM Performance Charts area.

The Tabs list box should display all of the Tabs that have been added to the GeoSystems Monitor Dashboard. Selecting one or more Tabs will then update the Containers/Servers list box with the containers or servers that have been configured for the selected tabs(s). Selecting one or more containers will update the Points/Services table with the points or services that have been configured for the selected container(s).

A performance chart may be generated for up to six (6) Monitoring Points across up to four (4) Containers existing within up to two (2) Tabs. From left to right, select one or more tabs, then one or more containers and points.

A note on date ranges and charting intervals:

GSM Performance Charts also support a date-range parameter for displaying historical data. Because of the amount of data involved, date queries longer than a month may average data points such that the interval between data points will be greater than that defined for the Monitoring Point.

For example, if GeoSystems Monitor is configured to check every 10 minutes, a date query may display a time interval of 20 minutes between data points, rather than 10 minutes, because of the large amount of data returned by the query. In this case, every two data points will be averaged together so that the new interval will be 20 minutes rather than 10 when it is displayed in the Chart.

The default chart data range is set to query for one month from the current date.

Select a From and To date in addition to the inputs above, and press the Create button to load the chart on the page below the selection options.

The chart output may be interacted with dynamically. Hover the mouse over lines to view more detailed information at that point in time. Drag the blue slider in the bottom right to adjust the chart's time extent. The buttons to the upper left of the chart will zoom the time extent to convenient preset intervals.

The menu button in to the upper right of the chart supports additional actions such as exporting the chart to a variety of formats.

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