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License Manager Charts

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Last updated: 14 Aug, 2018
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The initial view of the charts and reports module includes six tabbed focus areas. The fifth of these is the License Manager Charts area.

The Vendor : Manger box should contain a list of license vendors and their associated license manager server names. Selecting on option here will populate the License Type dropdown with a list of options related to that vendor's license structure.

Choose a License Type along with a From and To date range, and then press the Create button to load the chart on the page below the selection options.

The chart output may be interacted with dynamically. Hover the mouse over lines to view more detailed information at that point in time. Drag the blue slider in the bottom right to adjust the chart's time extent. The buttons to the upper left of the chart will zoom the time extent to convenient preset intervals.

The menu button in to the upper right of the chart supports additional actions such as exporting the chart to a variety of formats.

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