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License Manager Reports

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Last updated: 22 Aug, 2018
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The initial view of the charts and reports module includes six tabbed focus areas. The sixth of these is the License Manager Reports area.

First, choose a Report Template. Presently, there are two report templates to choose from.

  • Detailed User - (need content)
  • User Summary - (need content)

If running a Detailed User report, then use the next dropdown box to choose the Username to report on.

If running a User Summary report, then use the next dropdown box to choose a Vendor : Manger license server to report on.

The Orientation option allows the standard Portrait or Landscape. For most cases, the default portrait orientation will suffice. Use landscape orientation in cases where vendor, manager, or computer names are very long.

The Font Size option is also present to assist with cases of very long names. If you find your service names being truncated by an ellipsis '...', then try lowering the font size.

A note on the report PDF output:

In Chrome and Firefox, the report should be generated in the pane to the right of the options.

In Internet Explorer, the report should behave as a download, and will need to be opened in an external PDF viewer.

Select a From and To date in addition to the inputs above, and press the Create button to load the report.

The image below is an example output in Chrome.

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