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Oracle SDE Usage

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Last updated: 21 Aug, 2018
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The Oracle SDE Usage monitoring point is designed to work together with the Oracle SDE List Tables and Oracle SDE List Tables 9x checks to generate the information required for SDE Usage reporting. It is recommended that this check and either of the other two checks (depending on the versions SDE) be placed together in a GeoMonitor Server because of the fact that it takes a pair of these checks to generate the data required to support SDE Usage reporting.

It is recommended the Oracle SDE Usage check be run hourly(up interval 60). When it runs, it generates information on what SDE geodatabase feature datasets, feature classes and tables are open at that time. This information is written to the SDE Usage database which is used to generate SDE usage reports.

Note: If you are using Microsoft SQL Server / SQL Server Express, follow the instructions in Setting Up Microsoft SQL Server for SDE Usage Database.

If you are not sure where your Usage information is being stored, you can consult the “About” dialog on the GeoSystems Monitor Charts UI.

This check needs an Oracle (32Bit) client that customer provides which is installed locally and configured to perform this check. Make sure that the ORACLE_HOME environment variable is set and that the system PATH is set to the folder where the Oracle (32Bit) client is located.

The parameters that are unique to the Oracle SDE Usage include:

Server Name

Domain name of SDE Server (or IP address)

Server Nm w/Listener

Server name, port and listener to connect to the Oracle DB

Example: voracle10g:1521/vector (Must be identical for this check and List Tables check)


Oracle user ID with access to the Oracle Table

Note: userID should be entered as encrypted information


Oracle user PW for access to the Oracle Table

Note: userPW should be entered as encrypted information


Needed only if using RDBMS to store usage information – string must include YourODBC_ConnectionName:UserID:UserPW

Note: Rpt-DSN:User:Pwd  should be entered as encrypted information

Opt-User Schema

Defaults to SDE. Enter User Schema if needed.  Compatible with 12c pluggable DB’s

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