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Adding Application Monitoring Containers

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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Once you've chosen to add an app container, a panel will be presented.

Select a group or search Public/Organization and click the [Next] button.

This will bring up the next panel where all of the applications will be shown.

Once completed, click the [Create Container] button to create your monitoring container. 

At this point a new container will appear on the dashboard, with a spinning icon indicating it's in the process of setting up the individual monitoring points.

When it's completed setting up the individual monitoring points, the spinning icon turns into a check mark, and the monitoring container can be opened (by clicking on it) to reveal the points inside (see image below).

This completes the process of creating a container of monitoring points for an app, which can now be moved (drag & drop) to a preferred location or moved to another tab.  

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