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Adding Monitoring Containers & Points - Overview

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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Once an ArcGIS Online user has logged into the application and this user has the correct role to 'Add/Edit/Delete Monitor Containers' in "Settings - Roles," the [Add Container] icon will be enabled in the left navigation menu.
Monitored points are always within a container, so adding a new container is the only way of establishing monitoring points.

Clicking the [Add Container] button brings up a small panel with the two choices of containers --- Web Maps and Applications. 

  • Web Maps - All the layers of the chosen web map will be examined and an appropriate monitoring check established for each layer.  
  • Applications -  single container will hold all the monitoring points for all the applications in a given group. 

After clicking either the Web Map or Application button, the next panel shows the web maps or apps that are available within the ArcGIS Online organization that is being monitored that the user has access to

The credentials of the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' determines which ArcGIS Online organizational items can be monitored; therefore, a user with Administrative rights is usually preferred.  The user must be a member of the ArcGIS Online organization that is planned to be monitored. 

You are presented with three (3) options for adding a new monitoring container:

  1. Select group from: 'ArcGIS Online Organization' (to the left of the panel).
  2. Search Public: Use the [Search Public] button to monitor items within the organization that have been shared with the public.
  3. Search Organization: Use the [Search Organization] button to monitor items that are shared with the organization. 

Please refer to the next sections on Adding Web Map Monitoring Containers and Adding Application Monitoring Containers for details on those operations.

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