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Contents of Basic Script

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Last updated: 27 Jul, 2018
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The general structure of the python scripts are as follows:

  • Import Libraries
  • Initialize/set variables
  • Parse passed parameters from the engine
  • Run point check
  • Set return parameters
  • Pass return parameters to engine

The Custom script/check must accept the following parameters by from the GeoMonitor Engine.

  • enginePID                       Engine Process ID – unique for each point check
  • engineHost                     Engine IP Address – used to send message back to Engine
  • enginePort                     Engine Port number - used to send message back to Engine
  • debug (optional)             Set to True to record script debug information to log files
  • server (optional)             Parameter for server name

The Custom script/check must return the following parameters to the GeoMonitor Engine.

  • enginePID                      Engine Process ID – unique for engine to keep track of point check
  • status                             Status of the point check, either ‘good’ / ‘up’ or error
  • serviceTime                   Actual time to perform point check
  • Msg (optional)                Message passed back to engine – display in User Interface

The Custom script can also pass other parameters it needs.

To be accessible the custom scripts or executables must be saved to the ‘scripts’ folder (YourProgramFiles/…/scripts) on the GeoSystems Monitor server. 

The User Interface for establishing the parameters and naming the script is accessible through Settings - Custom Monitor.

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