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Too many invalid logins error message

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Last updated: 01 Jun, 2016
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Condition:  When testing the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' on the "Settings - Logins" panel, you see the error message 'Too many invalid logins - please try again later.'

Likely cause: An incorrect password is set for the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login.'  GeoSystems Monitor will attempt to use it to login when monitoring points, and ArcGIS Online has locked the account after too many invalid attempts.  This can happen during testing, or if the password of the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login' was changed in ArcGIS Online.

Fix: Set a working user/password combination for the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login.'  Then wait for fifteen minutes and test by first logging into ArcGIS Online directly.  If password troubles persist with the preferred user, use any working user as the 'ArcGIS Online Monitoring Login.'  GeoSystems Monitor's engine service uses the permissions of the Monitoring user and can quickly overwhelm ArcGIS Online with bad login attempts if the password is wrong.   If you have no other user to try, use the standard Windows Services tool to stop the GeoMonEngine service until you have a working user and password combination.   This will at least stop GeoMonEngine from attempting too many invalid logins.

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