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Editing Container Settings

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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Clicking on the [Web Map] or [App] icon of the container will bring up a panel with details/settings for that container, as shown below.

From left to right at the top are four icons with the following functions:

Will generate a chart of monitored points

Will open the web map viewer (on Web Map containers only, this icon is not available on App containers)

Will refresh the container *

Will delete the container

* Refreshing the container: There will be times when layers are added or deleted from an existing web map which has been monitored for some time.   In this case, refresh the container rather than deleting it and recreating it.  This will preserve all the existing data for the web map if history has been enabled.  


Drop down box to set which tab the container will reside on.


List of any exclusions that have been created on the 'Settings - Exclusions' panel.  Note that global exclusions are shown for informational purposes only, and can't be turned off here, since they affect all containers and must be managed in the 'Settings - Exclusions' panel.


At top right in the illustration above you will notice the red warning indicator 'Alerts Off' (Note: this is also indicated by the bell icon with a red line through it on the container within the dashboard).  Both of these are a warning that no alerts will be sent out for this container, even if points are down.  

To change this, first make sure that the global Alerts setting in the 'Settings - Alerts' panel is set to Yes,  then select one or more of the listed contacts under the Contact Info to the right of Container Settings panel that you wish to receive the alerts.  If no contacts appear there, it is because none have been created (see 'Settings - Alerts' to do this).  Note that the email server must also be properly configured for alerts to be sent (refer to 'Settings - Alerts' for this).

Click [Save Changes] when you are satisfied with the settings.

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