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Automated Monitoring Point Creation - Overview

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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When a new container is added to monitor a web map the GeoSystems Monitor automatically determines the type of monitoring points in the web map and attempts to supply appropriate values for the monitoring check scripts to succeed. This is done in an effort to minimize the work required (in ninety plus percent of the cases) to quickly get effective monitoring points in place.

However, due to the sheer number of possible layer types and the myriad of ways they can be configured, these automated routines may not always give you the results you desire.  In these cases, the GeoSystems Monitor provides a set of settings and tools that can be used to improve on these automated defaults.

Descriptions of the steps required to change the default settings are provided for the following services and situations:

  1. 'Map or Image Services'
  2. 'Tiled Map Services'
  3. 'Feature Services'
  4. 'WMS Services'
  5. 'Secure Services'
  6. 'Map Services with all layers off'

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