Settings - Tabs

This is where tabs are managed. Any number of tabs can be created with an arbitrary number of containers per tab, but it is good practice to limit the number of containers so that all the containers on the tab can be seen without scrolling. Often the tabs represent some logical grouping (i.e. all the containers that monitor web maps with layers from a single ArcGIS Server, or all the web maps concerned with the activities of one department in an organization).

Once created, the tab title can be edited, or the entire tab deleted. As a precaution, tabs cannot be deleted until they are empty of containers.

Adding New Tab:

Click [New Tab] button.


Enter the tab name in the field provided and then click the [Create] button.

After the tab has been created, a brief message will appear to indicate that the browser will be refreshed in order for the newly created tab to appear.


Edit a Tab:

Click the pencil icon for the tab you wish to edit.  Change the Tab Name and click the [Save] button.

As before, the message indicating a screen refresh appears. Click the [Close] button when satisfied.



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