SDE Layer

The SDE Layer monitoring point checks the privileges to the database and checks to see if the individual layers are active/loaded. During SDE data updates, the privileges may not be applied properly. Using a non-data owner username and password allows the SDE Layer check to verify if privileges have been applied properly.

The parameters that are unique to the SDE Layer include:

Server Name

Server name where SDE GeoDB is located

SDE Port#

Enter the type of RDBMS being checked.  Ex. SQL, ORACLE, ORACLE12C or POSTGRES

If an additional parameter of ’:Empty’ is included, a FC/table that is empty/Zero/Null is allowed

Example: SQL:Empty or ORACLE12C:Empty


SDE Database name for MSSQL and Postgres

Connection info for Oracle: ex.    VOracle12c:1521/


Layer Name w/Ow

SDE layer name with data owner  ex.   GIS.roads


User ID with access to the Feature Class. If using Windows AD authentication, enter Domain\UserID

Note: userID should be entered as encrypted information


User PW for access to the Feature Class

Note: userPW should be entered as encrypted information

Note: This check is backward compatible with previous SDE Layer Check versions

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