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AGS Usage Statistics

The AGS Usage Statistics monitoring point checks an ArcGIS Server log and generates usage information. It places the usage statistics into the AGS Usage database so that these performance statistics can be charted and reported on using the GeoMonitor Charts UI. The AGS Usage Statistics monitoring point supports federated ArcGIS Servers and hosted Data Services. In the case of hosted Data Services, the log information can be very difficult to mine, so the usage statistics may lose some accuracy.

ArcGIS Server logging must be set to “Fine” in order for the AGS Usage Statistics check to successfully generate Usage information. For more information on configuring ArcGIS Server logs please refer to Esri®’s help documentation.

If you are not sure where your Usage information is being stored, you can consult the “About” dialog on the GeoSystems Monitor Charts UI.

Note: When running AGS Usage Reports, the GeoSystems Monitor points for AGS Services will be included.
To exclude the GeoSystems Monitor points for AGS Services from usage reports, set up SECURE checks on all AGS monitoring points. The username for the monitoring check will allow you to filter out by user when running usage reports.

The parameters that are unique to the AGS Usage Statistics include:

Server Name

DNS name of server where AGS service is located

OR   https://serverName:6443/arcgis

Name of Site

Unique name for ArcGIS Server site assigned by GeoSystems Monitor Admin user (e.g. Production) for use in monitoring.

Note: Only one check can be assigned to a given ArcGIS Server Site name(you can have multiple AGS servers in a site). The system will prevent the creation of a check that has the same ArcGIS Server Site name as an existing AGS Usage Statistics check.


User ID of ArcGIS Server Admin User – Windows User ID must include domain (e.g. yourdomain/userid)

Note: userID should be entered as encrypted information


User password

Note: user password should be entered as  encrypted information


Needed only if using RDBMS to store usage information – string must include YourODBC_ConnectionName:UserID:UserPW

Opt-hrs/read log

(Optional) Integer number of hours to go back in the log to begin generating Usage statistics

Note: If nothing is entered it will go back 48 hours